The continual pursuit of design excellence and technical performance is the foundation of BDS as an interdisciplinary practice. We are guided by our vision of creating outstanding buildings and spaces that, informed of all aspects of form, scale and function, respond to our client's goals and provide an inspiring perception of everyday life.

Every BDS project is underpinned by a strong, integrated design philosophy and methodology. Through this philosophy BDS puts the user at the centre of the design process and coordinates its breadth and depth of design skills and specialist technical services from developing the tiniest detail of a building envelope to managing multidisciplinary projects with the aim to achieve social, economical and sustainable outcomes for best value.

We recognize that we influence community life through our work and leave a considerable legacy to our successors. With our buildings, we carry a substantial responsibility, not only to their users and the city around them, but mostly to the environment. Buildings are the source of over half the carbon emissions produced by our society and their environmental impact is central to the argument of the future of building design. For BDS, the ongoing environmental crisis is the forefront of a new industrial revolution that urges change in design thinking and advancement of appropriate technologies. Our practice is fully committed to providing architecture that is holistically sustainable and compliant with all relevant regulations.

At BDS, we believe that without the competence to innovate, our ability to overcome the effects of climate change and other global challenges would be jeopardized. We are heavily engaged in research and analysis of new construction techniques, building materials and components to make buildings more comfortable for their users, more sustainable for the environment and function efficiently, with better returns. We use leading-edge technology to help us and our clients visualize how the design evolves at all stages of the work process.

Our work is one of collaboration. We harness the knowledge and experience of our skilled professionals whose creative lateral thinking allows us to deliver projects that perform beyond our client's expectations, optimized both in quality and cost.

BDS unites these skills and services in building design to shape a better world.